Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowing

Residential Lawn Mowing

K&M Outdoor Services offers professional lawn mowing for a beautiful manicured look to your yard.  We accept all yard sizes from the small to the large property residential customer. 

At every service our customers receive a manicured, and striped yard, trimming, and blowing off of all walks, drives and patios. 

We also offer edging of walkways, drives and patios where applicable, this achieves a detailed and defined line between the turf and hard surfaces.  


Commercial Lawn Mowing

K&M Outdoor Services also offers Commercial Lawn Mowing for business, Town Home Associations and Home Owner Associations.  

Being that these accounts can be large and complex we work with the business owner and the board to give them a great product at an affordable rate.  

These are usually contracts and include mowing, spring and fall cleanups, snow removal and bush and shrub trimming. 

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